Work with Me

Channeled Sessions

Channeled sessions are a collage of working with your Spirit Guides, clearing past lives, connecting with people who have passed over, healing, and energy work.

This work can bring rapid growth and change.  I work within many realms. I hear my Guides and they lead my sessions.  We work within the physical world as well as the energetic realms, addressing  blockages that keep you from progressing.

Transformational Coaching

I offer 3 different five-week coaching programs: 
Healing, Intuition- Spirit Guides, and Energy Management.

You will meet with me weekly, receive videos, meditations, and handouts in order to dive deep in each of these areas. 

Online Classes

Join our new class "Self-Healing From the Inside Out."

In this class you will connect with your Inner Child, Clear your Past Lives, and Clear Your Family Line.

It's a five week, live, on-line class beginning September 20th, 2021. Learn more HERE.

Or join our popular class:
 "Getting Connected to Your Spirit Guides"

In this class you will learn what type of intuition you have, who your Guide is and how to best develop your connection to your Guide.

This class is five modules with videos, audios, and meditations accessed through your computer, tablet, or phone.  

Personal Retreat

Ready to grow your inner well-being while being refreshed at the beach?

Come to Troncones, Mexico, where we will work on your healing, intuition, and connection to your Spirit Guide!

We will devise the perfect plan for you with sessions with me, daily teachings, and optional yoga and massage if you wish.