Work With Me

Online Classes

These classes are each a series of videos, exercises, and handouts. 
They are available to purchase and take at your own convenience.
I teach them live once a year using the material here and a weekly Zoom Call. 


Three Keys to Honing Your Intuition

Want to start with a FREE course?  

This is a self-paced, step-by-step e-course so you can tune in with certainty and trust your intuition.
Know Your Type, Tune In, and Say YES to What You Get!


Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides

In this five module e-course you will identify what type of intuition you have, learn how to tune into it, and then use it to connect with your Spirit Guide.

I will teach you how to receive the signs from your Guide both inside you and out in the world.
You will grow your confidence in your connection to your Guide  and learn to trust what you receive.



Energy Mastery

Manage boundaries, relationships, and space energetically.
In this class I will take you through my step-by-step system to help you recognize and address the energetic causes of disharmony for you personally, in relationship, and in your physical environment.

A five-week, step-by-step e-course to help you feel energetically confident with your boundaries, relationships, and space. 


Self-Healing, From the Inside Out

In this e-course you will master three specific energetic healing techniques to empower your self-healing.

You will make a relationship with your Inner Child and from that create more inner safety, spontaneity, and self-love.
You will learn how to clear past lives which can cause chronic physical issues, emotional issues, and the inability to resolve relationship issues.

And you will learn to identify and resolve family ancestry trauma that has passed down to the present day.

These three techniques will help you move forward powerfully in your life.


Advanced Energy Mastery

This is an advanced class for those who have worked with me before or have done equal studies.

In this four module course you will dive deep into your mastery of Energy Management, Spirit Guide Connection, House Clearing, and Working with Others Energetically.

This class empowers you to work more profoundly with yourself and others.

What I find particularly helpful is Kristina's ability to integrate working with the physical and the spirit world in a practical, straightforward way. Kristina has a very easy style, it's very natural and makes these concepts and practices feel very accessible to all

K. Martin,
Director of Operations,
Oakland, CA

Participating in this class has deepened my trust and faith in myself and my connection to Spirit. Being a part of this community has also been of tremendous benefit, both to serve as a reminder that I am not alone on "this side" of things and from hearing of and learning from everyone's questions and experiences.

Cristi Daniele, Healer,
Akron, OH

Loved the sense of community and HOPE! Love your channeling, Kristina. I love the practical techniques as well. Learning a lot of NEW stuff that I sensed was true but never had mentorship for.

Titiana Shostak-Kinker,
Astrologer and Bodyworker
North County, FL