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A channeled session is a collage of different types of energy work.
It can include working with your Spirit Guides, clearing past lives, connecting with people who have passed, healing, and energy work.

Wisdom from

Your Spirit Guides

I am able to hear and channel your Spirit Guides and serve as a translator for you. They can advise you on current life circumstances and problems you are working with, and answer questions. They tend to be funny, playful, and irreverent. They often offer encouragement, protection, love, acknowledgement, and occasionally a kick in the pants.

I can identify your Guide and help you get in contact with them. 


Past Lives

Past lives can affect your present life.

Have you ever had an immediate “recognition” of someone you met? Or had a déjà vu experience, where you feel you’ve been in this situation before?

Sometimes things are not complete with people or situations. Many times present circumstances are a reflection from a previous life and when there is an inability to change or get over a situation, we look at past lives.

Delving into past lives can offer great insight to present day problems and relationships.


I can connect with people who have died.

Sometimes the living don’t feel complete with their beloveds who have passed. Messages can be relayed, assurances offered, and I can check to see if the person has fully crossed over.

Many times the departed have words for the living which are heartfelt and reassuring.

Healing and Energy Work

I help you work with your inner child. Often there is a part of you that hasn’t healed and is keeping you from progressing. As the inner child heals, so do you.

I can scan your energy field and help you return to well-being. You can have people, situations, or the past congesting your field. I clear the whole field, helping you feel well and energized.

Thank you so much for the amazing session was just the information I was hoping for and it resonated so deeply...I feel utterly changed, and more importantly comforted, about where I am and being okay with that which is my goal, so thank you so much!
Dana Kraft, Naturopath,
Oaxaca, MX

She is one of my most trusted guides and mentors with her clear, authentic, and deep connection with the Unseen and Guides. She gave me some of the most practical, grounded, comforting, and expansive advice I’ve yet received in this lifetime. Thank you Kristina!
Virginia Schmidt, Writer,
Cody, WY

I needed direction and reassurance on a particular issue in life. Kristina helped me tremendously. I confidently recommend her to anyone wishing to learn something about themselves and wishing to order themselves from principles that are above the level of regular life.
John K, Lawyer and Dad,
Pittsburg, PA