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I offer three different five-week coaching programs: Healing, Intuition and Spirit Guides, and Energy Management.
You will meet with me weekly, receive videos, meditations, and handouts in order to dive deep in each of these areas. 


Do you find yourself stuck in old patterns and unable to move forward?

In this 5-week deep dive into healing, we will unwind your layers of wounding that are keeping you from progressing.

This program is tailored to your individual's needs. We will clear your energy blocks using tools such as working with your inner child, clearing your past lives, and/or exploring your family patterns.

I will also teach you new ways to speak to yourself, thus creating greater self-love and compassion.

Intuition and Spirit Guides

Are you longing to trust your intuition and be connected with your Spirit Guides?

In these 5-weeks, I will help you identify which type of intuition you have and then assist you in learning how to best access it. You will become adept at tuning into and trusting your intuition.

I will identify your Spirit Guide, let you know what gifts she is bringing you and help you learn to receive her messages. Your Guide will become a part of your daily life helping you make decisions and plans.

I will offer you videos, handouts, and new practices to help you grow into this new world.

Energy Management

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by other people’s energies?

In this 5-week program I will help you learn to manage your high sensitivity to the world and the people in it.

You will learn specific energy techniques to work with people, places, and energies as well as tools to bring you rapidly back to center when you lose your balance.

I will give you new practices and exercises enabling you to track energetic exchanges you were previously unaware of.

You will find yourself feeling invigorated and empowered to live your life from a place of stability. 

Kristina’s coaching was just what I needed!  She helped me understand my sensitivities on a whole different level. She gave some invaluable tools I needed and introduced me to my guides which was a critical step in my spiritual growth. I am forever grateful for her guidance!
Rheama K, Earth Healer,
Depoe Bay, OR

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