Self-Paced, Self-Healing, From the Inside Out!

Connect with Your Inner Child, Clear Past Lives and Family Trauma

Are you ready to heal in a profound, life-changing way?

Do you yearn to get underneath your longstanding issues and restore from within?

Do you feel trapped in old patterns you can't release?

Please join me for this five module, step-by-step course to get you confidently healing from the inside out.


Do you feel like you have inner well-being issues nagging at you? 

Or physical issues you just can't heal?

Or that you have been:
           ~Working on yourself forever?
           ~Studying a million healing modalities?
           ~Having countless treatments?
           And still feel like you aren't where you want to be?

This class is for you! 

In 5-weeks you'll be confidently bringing yourself health and well-being.
You will create your own personal WELLNESS! 

This will be specific tools, practices as well as new ways of inquiring, and relating to yourself.

This is a practical, user friendly, step-by-step approach.

Healing is an inside job...
Many times you can have an illness that has a vague, nebulous cause and as you delve within and find hidden, unresolved issues you are able to heal in profound ways.

Working in the non-physical realms you can:
     🌀Address energetic holding within the body.
     🌀Befriend your illnesses and patterns.
     🌀Find the messages the body is sending you.
     🌀Get in touch with unknown parts of yourself          driving the dysfunction.

In this class you will explore new ways of working with yourself, the body, and the energetic layers present within you.

I will take you through my step-by-step system to help you get more fully connected with your inner self, your healing wisdom, and  your ability to be congruently whole.

You Need to Know How to Heal Yourself
So You Can:

  ✓  Return to your personal well-being ongoingly.
  ✓  Take care of yourself at the first signs of dis-ease.
  ✓  Be radiantly alive each and every day.
  ✓  Know you have the power to Heal yourself.
  ✓  Live your dreams and passions.
  ✓  Bring your talents and skills to the world.

Fifteen years ago I felt lost and plagued by my inability to heal myself.

I had a large acupuncture practice that was successful and yet I felt overcome by my emotional insecurities, my lack of self worth, and by certain health challenges I couldn't seem to change.

I was fine as long as I was working but once I returned to my personal life I was a mess.

Eventually I started doing my deep inner work. I would see my past lives, clear them, then work with my ancestors and clear them. Over time, I was able to unravel my illnesses and come to a loving healthy place with myself.

Now I am present with my personal well-being consistently.  I pay attention to what arises within my body and my emotions and use my healing practices to keep myself well and radiantly alive. 

Yes, I'm Ready!

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Self-Healing from the Inside Out

This is a rich 5 week e-class with videos, meditations, journaling, and worksheets.liv

Module 1-Using Energy to Heal

~You will learn how to tap into the energetic language of your body.

~You will master new techniques to heal yourself energetically.

~You will find the gifts in your physical and emotional challenges.

Module 3-Meet Your Inner Child

~You will befriend your inner child and begin to dialogue with her regularly.

~You will learn what she needs in order to feel safe in the world.

~You will find several specific ages to work with.

Module 5-Putting it All Together 
~You will learn how to gracefully discern where a dysfunction is coming from and how to address it.
~You will be consciously connecting to the underlying issues presenting in your life.

~You will find life richer and more gratifying as you are able to live in the present moment with your body, your energy, and your emotions, listening and attuning to the needs of each element.

Module 2-Working with Your Family Line

~You will acknowledge and work with both the gifts and challenges from your family line.

~You will learn several techniques to clear inherited family behaviors.

~You will feel confident to tackle your personal issues from this perspective.

Module 4-Clear Your Past Lives

~You will discover when to suspect a past life is the key to your illness or behavior pattern.

~You will learn a step-by-step system to clear a past life interference.

  Two   Bonus  Modules  

Bonus Module #1
Body Testing
Learning to get information from your higher body consciousness is game changing. I will give you one very simple form of testing and one that is a bit more advanced. You will have access to this module as soon as you register for the class.

~You will receive two ways to body test. The Body Sway and Dowsing.
~You will learn pretesting exercises to make your testing accurate and reliable.

~You will have techniques to trouble shoot when your testing feels off.

Bonus Module #2

Setting Your Templates
As you grow and change it is easy to get energetically disorganized. I will give you two areas to correct. This module will be released in the first week of the class.
~You will master the two areas to test for energetic dysfunction.
~You will learn how to easily correct these.

I'm Ready!

$199 Registration

What Kristina's Students and Clients Are Saying...

I started working w Kristina after I’d been in therapy for about 5 or 6 years. As a mental health practitioner myself, I’d become aware of many of my unconscious patterns over the years...I was beginning to feel stuck in certain cycles that continued despite the insight I had about them.

Working with Kristina, I am always surprised by how much additional self-understanding, self-connection and creative self-exploration I can reach together with her guidance and the guidance that she channels. I am also experiencing a deeper level of peace and contentment than ever before through the spiritual nature of our work together

Liz Ren
Psychiatric Nurse,

Through our work together I was able to reconnect with my guidance; guidance I had shut down, 20 years earlier. Having a guide to your guides, is invaluable. I was really skeptical I would get any guidance to begin with, but I did!

I'm grateful to have Kristina as a roadmap to ask questions and learn more from as I continue to develop a relationship with my guides. I would strongly recommend working with her if you want to know your guides better.

Lily Bridge
Salt Lake City, UT

This was the best class for me Kristina...I am seeing life in a whole different way and I'm so happy to have learned what you and my classmates gifted to me. 

Pam O'Donald
Pacific Northwest, USA

Who Is This Class For?

This class is for you if:

This class isn't for you if:

~You want to work with yourself to create your health and well-being.

~You understand that dis-ease comes from many energetic arenas.  

~You are willing to be uncomfortable as you delve into areas of emotional discomfort.  

~You want to know yourself in a deep and profound way.  

~You are not looking for a for a quick fix.

~You are uncomfortable working within the energetic realms.

~You aren't willing to work with your deeper emotions.  

~You don’t want to grow and change.  

~You’re unwilling to get out of your comfort zone as you master new skills.

 Disclaimer:  This class does not in any way claim to cure a disease or illness. 
If you need medical treatment, please seek it. 

I'm Ready!

$199 Registration

Why Learn From Me?

~I’ve been an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.

~I have been using energetic healing techniques for decades.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance and healing powers.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.

 I still am amazed by the transformation I've had through Kristina's past life healing work. The past life healing session she went through with me was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. It brought to light experiences that have fed my personality and interests on many levels, and one of the lives just so happened to explain and entirely reframe my challenging childhood.

JB Eilers
Creative Director and Brand Manager,
Seattle, WA

 You are such a gifted teacher.  The way that you present information that could seem very airy and hard to grasp is instead very practical and easy to practice.  And the way that you encourage students to trust what they get is really, really BIG.  A game changer.  I am becoming someone who trusts her guidance.  And it is making a huge difference in how I comfortably live in and navigate the world.”  

Janet W,
West Palm Beach, FL

 Kristina was AMAZING! On one consultative session, we covered so much ground! It felt like something I would cover in a month's worth of therapy. Again this was our first time meeting, yet she was able to sense my core issues right away on different levels- spiritually, energetically, intellectually, socially, and relationally. It was a mix of spiritual, energy healing, and emotional coaching to unearth and point me in the right direction. She provided me with practical tools, recommended books and encouraged my intuitive sense. 

Health Care Professional,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The class is five modules and each Monday you will have access to a new module on the learning platform. This will consist of videos, meditations, and handouts.

Everyone has the ability to heal. It is a matter of being willing and then learning new tools.

You have seven days from the time we begin to withdraw if it is not a fit for you. You will be returned the original fee minus $25 for processing.

Yes, payment plans are offered. When at the checkout screen, you will see the various payment options.

Self-Healing From The Inside Out

I invite you to join me in this heartfelt journey, of learning to listen within and heal yourself.
I am so excited to teach you everything I know about it…

I'm Ready!

$199 Registration

Healing is an Inside Job!
Isn't It Time to Take Care of You?