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Live Advanced Intuition and Spirit Guide Program Begins February 1st

Master Your Personal Intuition System and Craft a Life Co-Created with Your Spirit Guides.  

This is open to anyone who is aware they have Spirit Guides and working on their intuition.

Join this four-month group program to get you fully in-tune with your intuition and confidently receiving moment by moment guidance from your specific team of Spirit Guides. Live Zoom classes every other week.

New Membership Group - open to everyone!
The Galactic Lake Healing Community

A unique membership group where you can regularly connect with your Higher Guidance, grow your sense of inner peace, heal, and be surrounded with like minded people.

We have one live monthly Zoom meeting, videos and channelings for the New Moon and Full Moon, and a group chat to stay connected.  

Private Sessions:
A place to do deep work with yourself.

Spirit Guide Reading

In this session I identify one or two of your Spirit Guides and tell you about what qualities they bring you.

The Guides can advise you on current life circumstances, problems you are working with, and answer questions.
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Healing Session

A healing session is a collage of different types of energy work. It can include clearing past lives, working with your ancestral line, or inner child work. 

I can also connect with people who have passed over to bring healing for the living. Learn More

House Clearing

In this session I clear and align the energies of your home.

I release the old energies, and bring in fresh energies to revitalize the house so it feels alive and welcoming to you! I can also get the house in alignment to sell.
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Grow your skills in Inner Guidance, Energy Mastery, and Self-Healing.

Want to start with a FREE Class? Find out what type of Intuition you have so you can be highly aware of it. Then learn how to tune into it more acutely. And finally learn how to build your trust in it.

Learn to manage boundaries, relationships, and space energetically. Have you felt overwhelmed by others energy? Do you have trouble feeling your own feelings? Learn to track and manage the energetics with others.

My new membership group is open to everyoneWe have one live monthly Zoom meeting, videos and channelings for the New Moon and Full Moon, and a group chat to stay connected.

In this e-course you will learn three techniques for energetic self-healing. You will work with your Inner Child, learn to Clear Past Lives, and harmonize your Family Line.

With these three forms of healing, you will find more inner peace and have the ability to more easily progress in your inner growth.

In this five module e-course you will use your intuition to connect with your Spirit Guide.

You will learn how to receive the signs from your Guide both inside you, and out in the world.  You will grow your confidence in your connection to your Guide and learn to trust what you receive.

In this four-module, eight-lesson course, you will dive deep into your mastery of Energy Management, Spirit Guide Connection, House Clearing, and Working with Others Energetically.

This is an advanced class for those who have worked with me before or have done equal studies.

 "Thanks Kristina. I feel on a high after your session. It's really opened me up in a positive and safe way. Thank you for your support and encouragement and for feeding me with inspiration and expansion.  Great to work with you! I'm enjoying the jest and creativity of these aboriginal guides."

Helena Lee,

"Dear Kristina, I am amazed by your gift. I feel so peaceful and clear after being in a session with you and the guides. I am fully recommending your service to my dear ones. Thank you so much. Hugs"

Ratna Martinez
Yoga Teacher & Writer, 
Puebla, MX

"You have this awesome ability to listen, hear and validate those who are speaking with you. It’s like your superpower! Our work enabled me to safely and faithfully move through all the trauma and clear the space to strengthen my trust in my guidance."

Cristi Wall
Akron, OH

Want To Be Connected to Your Inner Guidance?

Have a session to meet your Spirit Guides or get a Healing Session.
Take an Online Class to develop your Intuition, connect with your Guides, or go deep into your Healing Journey.

"Kristina was AMAZING! On one consultative session, we covered so much ground! It felt like something I would cover in a month's worth of therapy. Again, this was our first time meeting, yet she was able to sense my core issues right away...It was a mix of spiritual, energy healing, and emotional coaching to unearth and point me in the right direction. She provided me with practical tools, recommended books and encouraged my intuitive sense."

Health Professional, 
San Francisco, CA

 "Working with Kristina, I am always surprised by how much additional self-understanding, self-connection and creative self-exploration I can reach... I am also experiencing a deeper level of peace and contentment than ever before through the spiritual nature of our work together, which has facilitated the deepening of my own access to spiritual support and healing." 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

"Kristina is amazing. Whenever I am in a bind with anything, I call her for clarity. She helps me see the big picture and the deeper growth taking place. She also does house clearings! It was miraculous. Within a few weeks I got renters for our home, after being stagnant for a while. Thank you, Kristina. You and the healing you provide are a gift."

S Gabrielle
Psychotherapist, Austin, TX 

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