Advanced Energy Mentorship

An Advanced Program to Master Your Work with Energy Management and Spirit Guides.

An e-course to help you move into your mastery of 
Energy Management, Spirit Guides, and House Clearing.


Have you been working with Energy and Spirit Guides for an extended time and yet you still want to feel more skillful at it?

Want to track and manage energy with others so you
 don't feel worn out or overwhelmed by them?

Are you ready to know all your Guides?

Longing to keep your house energetically clear and be in touch with the Spirit of your home so it feels peaceful and harmonious?

Is it time to work with others yet you're not really sure how to do it appropriately?

If this is true for you then this program is for you!

In this four module advanced course you will learn the core skills of: 
    ☑️Advanced Energy Management.
        Work with People and Groups Energetically.   
    ☑️Advanced Work with Your Spirit Guides. 
          Work with more than one Guide at a time and learn how to call Guides in.

     ☑️House Clearing and Working with the Spirit of Your Home.
           Learn to clear both physically and energetically.

     ☑️Assisting Others While Keeping Your Own Well-Being 

          Recognize and manage the energetic patterns that can occur when working with others.

This Class is for you if:

✱You have been studying with Kristina ongoingly, or done equal energy studies.
✱You are a fairly confident energy tester.
✱You work with your Spirit Guides.
✱You work with energies.
✱You are comfortable working in the non-physical world.
✱You long to develop greater skills in working with people and life energetically.


I'm ready!
Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023 
or 2 payments of $200

The World is Energy...

Many times you can feel vaguely uncomfortable and know something is wrong, yet have trouble tracking it. As you begin to track the energy around you, you'll be able to discern where your discomfort is coming from.

Working in the realms of energy you can:
     🌀Address energetic entanglement with others.      
     🌀Become aware when a place is                         "energetically off" and know how to address it.      
     🌀Notice and be highly attuned to your             personal energetic nuances you might have been ignoring.   

In this program you will master new ways of working with yourself, the world, and the energetic layers all around you.

I will take you through multiple systems to get you fully connected to your own inner wisdom and mastery.

Fifteen years ago I was overcome by my practice, tired, and confused.

I had a large acupuncture practice and I was constantly tired. I loved my patients but I couldn't really separate from them energetically.

I had some guidance from my Spirit Guides but it  was impossible to know what to trust.

My office felt energetically congested and I couldn't maintain a particular room. I was always trying to fix it and was totally frustrated.

Eventually I started using specific practices and tools and in time, I was able to maintain my energetic sovereignty, trust my Spirit Guides, and keep my office energetically clean and intact.

Now all my Guides are with me, I'm able to manage the energy of my clients, and I partner with the Spirit of my office Spirit to keep it clear. 

I am truly happy to be living my life while managing many energies and in full of connection to all my Guides.

Advanced Energy Mentorship

In this 4-month e-class, you will receive videos, meditations, personal coaching, and live Zoom calls to help you become a master of your energetic world. 

Advanced Energy Management

Learn to work with:
Energetic chords with other people. Recognize them, release them, and set up conditions so they do not return.

The placement of others' energies in your auric field as well as specific boundaries.

Tracking and untangling challenging energetic circumstances with groups.

Advanced Spirit Guide Work

Learn to work with:
More than one Spirit Guide at a time.

Knowing when to follow guidance, and being clear if it resonates with you.

Calling in Guides for specific tasks.

House Clearing and Working with the Spirit of Your Home

Learn to:
Identify and remedy harmful portals, ley lines, and ancestral influences.

Clear the energy of former tenants and occupants.

Work with energetic constructs to keep places clear and balanced.

Meet and dialogue with the Spirit of your home. Make sure your house carries the qualities you want.

Assisting Others Energetically

Learn how to:
Relate to others from the Healer perspective.

✱Know when and how much is appropriate to help another.

Stay energetically separate from those you help.

Create energetic and/or physical exchange for your service.


I'm ready!
Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023 
or 2 payments of $200

"I was finally able to gain the tools to work WITH my Guidance rather than always questioning its’ validity and just going through life letting it all happen TO me.

Our work enabled me to safely and faithfully move through all the trauma and clear the space to strengthen my trust in my guidance.

You are a great teacher, healer and example for me to learn from and experience."

Cristi Wall
Energy Healer, 
Akron, OH

"I have been wanting to tell you how powerful it was for me in our first class when the Cosmic beings sent their "energy blessings"...I had this surge of complete peace and embrace, and a feeling of total love and home. It was pure beauty and love and brought me to tears of recognition and thankfulness for the connection."

Jan Bortstelmann
NeuroMovement Practitioner,
Tetons, WY

"I love this advice about TRUSTING and valuing how I receive guidance in my own way -- and not comparing to others.

I also appreciate the suggestion of running the guidance through our hearts...

Our hearts are our wise guides. Thank you!"

Anita Eubank
Intuitive Counselor,
San Miguel de Allende, MX

"I have loved the class. I have really felt closer to my guides and noticed more when they were with me and things that they were giving me guidance about. There were more synchronicities, for sure. I started becoming more and more aware of the messages through my body."
Barbara Erb, Meditation Teacher,
Asheville, NC

Is This Program Right for You?

This class is for you if: 
~You want to be dive deep into self mastery and energetic mastery of your life.
~You are always looking at life from an energetic perspective.
~You want to live life from a place of guidance and connection.

~You’re willing to do the inner work and class work to advance.

This class isn’t for you if: 
~You don’t have the desire to work with life differently.
~You don’t want to grow and change.
~You’re unwilling to get out of your comfort zone as you master new skills.

~You are unwilling to develop new ways of being.

"You’re such a gifted teacher. The way that you present information, that could be very ethereal and kind of hard to grasp, you make it very practical. And having your students trust what they get, is really, really big."
Janet W, Relator, 
West Palm Beach,FL

Why Learn From Me?

~I’ve been an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides. I hear my Guides 24/7.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.


I'm ready!
Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023 
or 2 payments of $200

"Kristina was AMAZING! On one consultative session, we covered so much ground! It felt like something I would cover in a month's worth of therapy. Again, this was our first time meeting, yet she was able to sense my core issues right away...It was a mix of spiritual, energy healing, and emotional coaching to unearth and point me in the right direction. She provided me with practical tools, recommended books and encouraged my intuitive sense."

Health Professional, California

 "Working with Kristina, I am always surprised by how much additional self-understanding, self-connection and creative self-exploration I can reach... I am also experiencing a deeper level of peace and contentment than ever before through the spiritual nature of our work together, which has facilitated the deepening of my own access to spiritual support and healing." 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, California

"Kristina is amazing. Whenever I am in a bind with anything, I call her for clarity. She helps me see the big picture and the deeper growth taking place. She also does house clearings! It was miraculous. Within a few weeks I got renters for our home, after being stagnant for a while. Thank you, Kristina. You and the healing you provide are a gift."

S Gabrielle
Psychotherapist, Texas 

Advanced Energy Mentorship
I invite you to join me in this heartfelt journey of mastery.
I am excited to usher you into the world of profound connection with your Guides and the world of Energy!

"This journey has been amazing... Thank you Kristina for hosting this evolution of my Being. I ask my Guide the really difficult questions, the ones that are too layered to have a conversation about with my friends and then, like magic these worldly signs appear, then feelings are evoked and in that whirlpool of "nowness" - the direction/answers become available."
Trisha J, TX