House Clearing

In this session I clear and align the energies of your home.
I release the old energies, and bring in fresh energies to revitalize the house so it feels alive and welcoming to you!

Is Your House Disturbed? 

Many times a house has energies from previous tenants and owners. Ancient energies can be trapped, unhappy spirits stalled.

A divorce or previous renter can also leave unwanted energy.

I clear these out and harmonize the home such that it feels good again.

Meet the Spirit of Your House

Each house has an individual Spirit watching over it. 

When you know who that is, you can partner with her to create the feeling tone of your home.

Do your want your home to feel happy, safe, or enlivening? You can create whatever it is you want by working with the Spirit of Your House.

Trouble Selling Your House?

When selling a house you must make sure all the people affected by the sale, employees, family, and spouses, are energetically in support of the sale. Some people will say they are, and yet are actually not. I check the energy of it all.

You must also check with the Spirit of the House and see if she wants to come with you or be left with the house. She has to be in alignment as well.

And finally, if you have had renters, their energy can be lingering and holding off buyers. I have specifically seen this in two homes and once we cleared these, the houses sold within weeks.

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We had been trying to sell our house in San Miguel for six years. It was an attractive property but the real estate market was soft and nothing much was moving.

We had had a troublesome renter who was destructive to our property. In a conversation a few months later about why the house hadn’t sold yet, the question arose whether this woman had left behind some kind of disturbing aura that potential buyers were picking up on.

We found Kristina Rogers and without going into detail about her process, which required the participation of both us, the house sold six weeks later.

John Scherber, Writer,
San Miguel, MX

Kristina is the best.  
It all seemed a little woo-woo to us, but we'd had the house on the market for 5 years. We thought we’d sold it 8 months ago, but it turned out to be a nightmare. We thought to give up.  

A friend told us about Kristina. I called and she came out.  She was funny and down to earth.

  Well, one month after she cleared the house the perfect buyer made a good offer. 
She's a miracle.

Gloria Parker, Retired,
Formerly from San Miguel, MX

I was having issues with some stuck, negative energies in my home. Kristina amazed me with what she was able to uncover about my families' land and the house I currently live in.

 She helped heal my home and parts of myself. Her ability to communicate with the non-physical world is a beautiful gift and I’m so thankful for her guidance.  

After the session my house feels more at peace. I no longer feel negative energies and the space is starting to feel like my own.

Personally my thoughts are clearer.
I now honor my home and my land more. I also feel more connected to my home, like I can feel the positivity in the walls.

Libby Boos,
Baker, Fredericksburg, TX