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 Join Me to Heal From the Inside Out, Learn to Trust Your Inner Guidance, and Listen to Your Heart!

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I'm here to help you heal on profound inner levels, grow your trust in your inner wisdom, learn to listen to your heart, and manage your energy so you feel safe in the world.

Check out my free online courses and take my free Intuition Test.

Personal Sessions and Classes

Personal Sessions

I offer a few different types of individual sessions.
Click on the links below to learn more and schedule. These are given via Zoom unless otherwise arranged.

☸︎ Healing Sessions
Spirit Guide Sessions
House Clearing Sessions

Online Classes

I give live online classes periodically and also have both free and paid online classes for you below.
These are in four different arenas.

☸︎ Intuition
☸︎ Spirit Guide Connection
☸︎ Energy Management 
☸︎ Healing

Personal Sessions
Get individual guidance from Kristina and the Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guide Reading

In this session I can identify one or two of your Spirit Guides and tell you about what qualities they bring you.

The Guides can also advise you on current life circumstances, problems you are working with, and answer life direction questions.

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Healing Session

A healing session is a collage of different types of healing energy work.

It can include clearing past lives, working with your ancestral line, doing inner child work, and connecting you with people who have passed over. 

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House Clearing

In this session I clear and align the energies of your home while also connecting with the Spirit of your house.  

I also help people sell their homes. Many times there is an energetic problem that when solved brings an immediate sale.

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Want to Make Some Big Changes?

Join me in my Healing and Life Breakthrough Package. 
You will join with me and the Guides to heal, clear energetic blockages, and do deep inquiry, while being accompanied each step of the way. 

Online Classes

Grow Your Intuition
Take these online courses to develop and build trust in your intuition.

Free Class
The Three Keys to Your Intuition

Take the Intuition Test, to find out what kind of intuition you have.

Then learn how to tune into it more acutely. And finally learn how to build your trust in it.

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Body Sway Test and Dowsing

This is a short class to help you learn two forms of kinesiology.

Learning to body test using the Body Sway Technique or Dowsing will help you make wise decisions as you move through the world.

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Advanced Intuition and Spirit Guides Program

In this advanced class you will master working with your intuition such that you are always in touch with it.

From here you will be able to create greater contact and communication with your Spirit Guides.
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Connect with Your Spirit Guides
Take these classes to learn about Guides and how to get clear guidance from them.

Free Class
Tips on Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

In this mini-course, I give you specific steps on how to connect with your Spirit Guide.

You will learn the basics of how to communicate with your Guides and how to receive messages.

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Get Connected with Your Spirit Guide

In this in-depth class, I identify one of your Guides, and then teach you how to reach out and ask for help. From here you will learn how to receive their messages.

You will learn how to interpret signs  from Nature and the world at large.

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Advanced Intuition and Spirit Guide Class

In this longer, advanced class you will master the nuances of working with your intuition such that you are always in touch with it.  

I will identify a couple of your Guides and you will learn to create greater contact and communication with them.

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Energy Management
Take these online classes to feel safe in the world, 

Energy Mastery

In this class you'll learn how to work with energy in order to feel more safe and secure in the world.

You will learn how to create energetic boundaries, work with relationships from a new energetic perspective and basic space clearing.

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Advanced Energy Mentorship

In this longer, more advanced class you will go deeper in working with the energetics of others, specifically learning how to remove chords, how to clear entities, and how to work with the spirit of a house, as well as clear it from other energetic portals and specific interferences.

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Healer's Energy Mentorship

This is a longer, advanced class for healers to master the energetics of being a health care practitioner.

We work with knowing your value, working with clients energetically, calling in your perfect clientele, and managing your personal well-being.

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Going Deeper

In this class, you will find tools to becoming more heart centered, self-trusting, and balanced in a changing world.

We work with deepening your intuition, working with the energy of others, and holding a vision for yourself in the future.

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Take these online classes to heal your heart and body.

Free Class
Heart Healing Meditations

In this class you will have access to three healing meditations that will open your personal healing path in different ways.

It will help you generate more inner peace, self love, and greater well-being.

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Self-Healing From the Inside Out

Please join me for this four month, step-by-step, live online course.

You will learn to identify and clear Past Life Trauma and Family Line Inherited Patterns, and connect deeply with your Inner Child.    

Live Zoom class Starts October 7th and is every other Saturday. through January 13th
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 "Working with Kristina, I am always surprised by how much additional self-understanding, self-connection and creative self-exploration I can reach... I am also experiencing a deeper level of peace and contentment than ever before through the spiritual nature of our work together, which has facilitated the deepening of my own access to spiritual support and healing." 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

"Kristina was AMAZING! On one consultative session, we covered so much ground! It felt like something I would cover in a month's worth of therapy. Again, this was our first time meeting, yet she was able to sense my core issues right away...It was a mix of spiritual, energy healing, and emotional coaching to unearth and point me in the right direction. She provided me with practical tools, recommended books and encouraged my intuitive sense."

Health Professional, 
San Francisco, CA

"You have this awesome ability to listen, hear and validate those who are speaking with you. 

It’s like your superpower! Our work enabled me to safely and faithfully move through all the trauma and clear the space to strengthen my trust in my guidance."                                                            

Cristi Daniele
Akron, Ohio

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