Energy Mastery

Manage boundaries, relationships, and space energetically.

A five module, step-by-step e-course to help you feel energetically confident with your boundaries, relationships, and space.

Do You Find Yourself:

✱ Merging with others and not knowing how YOU feel?

✱ Unable to voice your needs, feelings, and thoughts with certain people?

✱ Overwhelmed by particular peoples' energies?

✱ Feeling uncomfortable in places? Finding them feeling dirty and odd?

Get Ready to:

✱ Clearly feel your own emotions.

✱ Be able to speak up with your feelings, needs, and thoughts.

✱ Disconnect from people's energies that aren't serving you.

✱ Feel confident in your ability to bring a place back to energetic well-being.

" This class was profoundly helpful for me on multiple levels. Kristina’s teaching is insightful, deep, loving, and ultra clear. The material is incredibly well organized and presented in a way that is both assimilable as well as approachable! "

Leni Mostaghim, Pilates Teacher,
San Francisco, CA

 The world is made of energy.

As you become facile with addressing life from a more energetic standpoint, you will find you have the power to effect change more rapidly.

Working in the realms of energy you can:
     🌀 Feel more protected in the outer world.
     🌀 More quickly understand and remedy strange feelings and overwhelm.
     🌀Address odd, uncomfortable entanglement with others.          
     🌀Become aware when a place is "energetically off" and know how to address it.    
In this class I will take you through my step-by-step system to help you recognize and address the energetic causes of disharmony for you personally, in relationship, and in your physical environment.

Twenty years ago I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to find my balance.

Back then I had a large acupuncture practice and was quite successful but I was always tired and was losing my enthusiasm for work.

I felt physically and emotionally overwhelmed by the energy of my clients and it was getting harder and harder to come back to my upbeat self. I didn't feel like the real me until the end of the weekend and then it was time to go back to the office.

Eventually I started using specific energy practices to fortify my boundaries, remedy what had happened with other people when I was drained, and keep my space energetically clear.

Now I am always working with my energy such that I feel refreshed, emotionally well, energetically clear, and excited about my work.

These techniques that I use with myself are what I will be teaching you in this course.

Energy Mastery
Learn to Manage Boundaries, Relationships and Space Energetically.

This is a rich 5 module e-class with videos, meditations, journaling, and worksheets.

Module 1-Creating Energetic Boundaries 

~You will learn how to create and fortify your boundaries.

~You will become in tune with your auric field and maintain its well-being.

~You will learn specific techniques to fortify and protect yourself.

Module 3-Chords: Recognize, Remove, and Prevent Them

~You will learn how to tell when you have been energetically chorded by another person.

~You will learn how to successfully remove chords.

~You will have specific techniques to maintain your energetic well-being while relating to others.

Module 5-Basic Space Clearing
~You will learn techniques to clear old energies from living spaces.
~You will learn ways to raise the frequencies in a space.

~You will learn how to discern when there are disharmonious energies in a home.

Module 2-Working with People Energetically

~You will track and work with people in your energetic field.

~You will learn specific techniques to maintain your energetic sovereignty.

~You will feel confident to manage stressful relationships from this perspective.

Module 4-Energy Regeneration

~You will discover how to regenerate your energy from natural sources.

~You will learn specific meditations to ongoingly boost your energy.

~You will develop practices to stay balanced and energized.

Bonus-Basic Energy Testing

~You will learn the Body Sway test, which is the easiest form of testing.

~You will be able to get confirmation with your body a YES-NO to your questions which will help you with your energy mastery!

" I just want to say I so enjoyed taking this class with you. I love your presence, I love the simple and easy learning you gift. Your videos are perfect, they are to the point and short"

Holly Wilmeth, International Photographer,
San Miguel de Allende, MX

I'm Ready!


" What I find particularly helpful is Kristina's ability to integrate working with the physical and the spirit world in a practical, straightforward way. Kristina has a very easy style, it's very natural and makes these concepts and practices feel very accessible to all. "

K. Martin, Operations Manager
Oakland, CA

Why Learn From Me?

~I’ve been an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides. I hear my Guides 24/7.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The class is five modules and when you register you have access to all of it.

Everyone has the ability to work in these realms. I will be giving you new tools and processes to do this and over time you will become comfortable and facile with them.

I'm Ready!


" Kristina continues to develop her intuitive powers and the strength of her teaching.
She challenges me to dig deeper and deeper. "

Patricia Bruneau-Gabor, Retired
Prescott, AZ