Have you always felt different, like you didn’t fit in?

You did what was expected and yet you felt empty, 

like something was missing, as if there had to be something MORE, but you didn’t know what it was...

You wondered why you couldn't be like everyone else and be happy with what you had in life?

That Was Me

 I kept trying to feel satisfied and be happy, but I wasn’t. Instead, I felt stuck and strange, unable to move forward. I went to school...became an acupuncturist, built a successful acupuncture practice, had a house, lived in the country, and yet I was still off, still unhappy.

I didn't know what to do.

I was tired, overwhelmed, and had this aching for something I couldn’t find.

And then I began seeing things and knowing things about people but I didn't know what to do with it.

I became aware I was seeing past lives and I was easily able to communicate with people who had died, but I didn't know what to do with it.

I had just wanted to be normal...and the truth was I wasn't!


Finally, I welcomed

a channel to work in my office, as well as her two psychic friends who became my receptionists.
Little did I know I was in for a total shake up.

Healing My Past

I began to really see the parts of myself that were dysfunctional and acting out.  

It was ugly!

Eventually, I realized I was reacting out of my childhood wounding.

 Over time I got therapy, energy healing, and channeled information and began to heal my past.

Highly Sensitive to Other's Energy

Next, I became aware of how highly sensitive I was to other people’s energies. and finally understood I had been picking up the energies of everyone around me, especially my clients.  I started to learn energetic techniques to clear myself and manage my boundaries in a new way that left me revitalized.

Honoring My Gifts

Now I developed my gifts and became more comfortable with my channeling and psychic abilities.

I began to tell my clients what I saw: their past lives, the people who had passed over standing right next to them, and what their Guides were saying to them.

Coming Back to Myself

Between doing my inner work, learning to manage energy, and really living into my true gifts, I came back to myself.

I found my true self and created my authentic life!
I moved to Mexico, began to work both in person and remotely, and began giving retreats.

I am excited to go to work, have passion for my life, and truly have my happiness and joy!

Now, I help people from all over the world heal, get in touch with their intuition and manage their energy so that they can find their passion while living in ease and flow.

Want to Come Into Your Ease and Flow?

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