About Kristina Rogers

I've come to wisdom slowly...

I grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family.

I was awkward and unhappy most of my life. And then over time I did the work to heal myself.

I found myself in Nature, hiking, camping, the Dances of Universal Peace, creativity, and long, forgiving friendships.

In the beginning I was striving to heal...

I meditated, went on silent retreats, was always taking personal growth classes, practiced Sufism and danced...I danced and cried and prayed.

I grew through my work...

I practiced acupuncture all those years, almost forty.

And while I was doing it I started seeing past lives, seeing and connecting with people who had passed over.

I learned to clear the family line. I cleared my own, seeing them around a fire, drumming, letting go, healing.

I traveled inside myself, to healing temples, to the old healing cultures, then worked with Spirit Guides and eventually was able to share all this.


I kept thinking if I did more, I'd be better...

I took a million classes, thought if I just knew more, I'd be OK. Eventually I realized my wellness came from within.

Then I came home to Mexico...

There is a softness here...

I work upstairs in a casita filled with windows, looking out over a grand prickly pear, plowed fields, and further out a river framed by trees.

In the winter my dog and I go off to the beach for a time, seeing friends, dancing, and working.

Somehow life is slower here, more gentle and alive.

You can run into friends and have tea. Go to an organic market and see everyone you know.

Or see parades you never expected.

The people are kind...we chatter in Spanish, find connection in odd places.

And eventually I learned to love myself...

I found the quiet voice within that spoke sweetly. I forgave myself for the past. I gave up, let go, surrendered and started to find gentleness towards myself. And I found others that were on the same path...

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