About Kristina Rogers

Have you always felt different, like you didn’t quite fit in? 

That was me. I was an odd kid, I just couldn't find my place.

I knew things and saw things even when I was young. I was overly sensitive and shy, almost numb. I was sure I came from another world.

As the years progressed I found things I loved; nature, camping, hiking, and canoeing, yet I still felt different and didn’t know what I wanted to do in the world.

As a young adult I lived on land and studied lots of nonconventional styles of healing, such as color healing, chakra clearing, and past life inquiry.  

Eventually I became an acupuncturist.

As I Practiced

I kept seeing things. People would come for sessions and I could see their past lives. They would tell me about their dead husband and I would see them standing right there.
I thought that everyone had this capacity and I wasn't really sure how to address this in acupuncture sessions.

I didn't know what to do.

I grew a big practice yet I was always tired and overwhelmed.

I was highly sensitive and I didn't know how to deal with the energy of my clients.

I had a rich professional life but my personal life felt empty.

I was successful but I wasn't really happy.


Finally, I welcomed

a channel to work in my office, as well as her two psychic friends who became my receptionists.
Over time, life changed and I had a huge wake-up call!

Healing My Past

I began to see the parts of myself that were deeply dysfunctional and acting out.  

It was ugly!

Eventually, I realized I was reacting out of my childhood wounding.

As I got therapy, energy healing, and worked with my inner child, I healed.

Highly Sensitive to Other's Energy

 I finally realized I had been picking up the energies of everyone around me, especially my clients.  I started to learn energetic techniques to clear myself and manage my boundaries in a new way that left me revitalized. 

Honoring My Gifts

I developed my gifts and became more comfortable with my channeling and psychic abilities.

I found myself consistently hearing my guidance from my
Spirit Guides
. And I began to trust it!

In time I took on my real work; clearing past lives, 
serving as a medium for those who had passed on, and helping people get their Guidance from their Spirit Guides.

Coming Back to Myself

Between doing my inner work, learning to manage energy, and truly hearing the guidance from my Spirit Guides, 
I came back to myself.

found my true self and began to create a rich, authentic life!
I moved to Mexico, began to work remotely doing healing sessions, channeling, and teaching what I have learned.

These days I am excited to go to work, have passion for my life, and have truly found my joy and happiness!

I help people from all over the world heal, get in touch with their inner guidance, and manage their energy,
so that they can live into their true selves.

Do You Want to Learn How to Access Your Inner Guidance and Master Your Energy?

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