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Healing Sessions

A healing session is a collage of different types of energy work.
It can include clearing past lives, working with your ancestral line, or inner child work.
I can also connect with people who have passed over to bring healing for the living.

My Spirit Guides direct the work, instructing me how to best proceed in your session. 
When you show up with the intention to heal and are willing to delve into areas that may not be comfortable,
miracles can happen!

Areas We May Work In:


Past Lives

 Past lives can affect your present life.  

Have you ever had an immediate “recognition” of someone you met? Or a déjà vu experience, where you feel you’ve been in this situation before?  

Sometimes things are not complete with people or situations. Many times present circumstances are a reflection from a previous life. When there is an inability to change or get over a situation, we often look at past lives.  

Delving into past lives can offer great insight to present day problems and relationships.


Your Family Line

You may have inherited ways of being from your family ancestry.

We look to see what emotional and behavior patterns are arising from the past.

We go back and bring healing to your individual ancestors and then bring that healing down to you in present day. 

This healing will then carry forth to your children.

Working with

Your Inner Child

I can help you find and work with your inner child.

Often there is a part of you that hasn’t healed and is keeping you from progressing. I teach you how to reparent your inner child so that he or she can feel both loved and safe.

Inner child work is often deeply pertinent to working with issues around boundaries, feeling secure, and being able to be playful and relaxed.

Connecting with Those Who Have Passed


I can connect with people who have died.

Sometimes the living don’t feel complete with their beloveds who have passed. Messages can be relayed, assurances offered, and I can check to see if the person has fully crossed over.

Many times the departed have words for the living which are heartfelt and reassuring.

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Healing and Life Breakthrough Package

 ✱ Have you been working with an illness, disease, or inner disharmony you want to get underneath and heal?
✱ Are you willing to work with energetic causes, past lives, and your inner child?
✱Or have you been stuck and unable to make a change in some area of your life?
✱Are you feeling stumped, frustrated, and baffled?
✱Ready to really change?  

Then join Kristina and the Guides for this five session Healing and Breakthrough Package
to move forward and effect life change.
This is a tailor made program for you with channeling, energy work, homework, and teachings. You will feel companioned, encouraged, and excited as you move forward. Fee $599, a $156 savings.  
Please set up an inquiry call to see if this is a fit for you.

From Kristina's Clients

Motion sickness has been such a debilitating part of my life experience that despite limiting beliefs around energy work and past life work, I resolved to give it a try someday. Shortly thereafter I happened to meet Kristina.

The past life healing session she went through with me was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had.

A few months after the healing session I went for it: I booked a full inclusive week at a surf camp…there was nothing but bliss and joy for me...I was so inexplicably giddy.

And motion sickness has cleared in other ways as well..So grateful, Kristina, for the work you do!

J B Eilers,
Creative Director and Brand Manager
Oaxaca, MX

Kristina is sharp, brilliant and intuitive.

I feel more clear and optimistic after our sessions. 

It is so helpful to work with Kristina because she's able to tune into her intuition and guides in ways that are supportive, efficient and powerful.

Much can happen in a short amount of time!

I feel more clarity and I can't thank her enough for her insight.

I highly recommend working with Kristina.

Titiana Shostak-Kinker,
Astrologer and Bodyworker
SW Florida

I started working w Kristina after I’d been in therapy for about 5 or 6 years.

As a mental health practitioner myself, I’d become aware of many of my unconscious patterns over the years...I was beginning to feel stuck in certain cycles that continued despite the insight I had about them.  

Working with Kristina, I am always surprised by how much additional self-understanding, self-connection and creative self-exploration I can reach together with her guidance and the guidance that she channels.

I am also experiencing a deeper level of peace and contentment than ever before through the spiritual nature of our work together

Liz Ren,
 Psychiatric Nurse,