Summer Study Group, Going Deeper

Trust Your Inner Guidance, Grow Your Energy Mastery, and Maintain Your Personal Balance in a Changing World

A five module e-course to cultivate your intuition, energy management skills, and ability to stay
balanced in an unstable world.

Do you long to: 

Feel confident in your energy mastery, especially with other people?

Trust your intuition and the guidance you receive?

Feel supported and safe as the world changes rapidly?

꩜ Feel seen and known by like-minded people?

Get Ready to: 

Work skillfully in the energetic realms with people in your life.

Recognize and act on your intuitive hits and guidance.

Maintain a sense of balance, safety, and peace ongoingly.

꩜ Share the journey with spiritually minded souls.

"Kristina provides a loving and reliable rudder for all the questions, doubts, and insights held by her students in a way that inherently nurtures trust towards deepening one’s association with their own personal intuition and guidance. Many tools are provided during class to integrate and recognize the ways to identify and listen to the signs around us as a natural part of our everyday lives! Thank you, Kristina! "

Leni Mostaghim, Pilates Teacher
San Francisco, CA

 The world is changing.

We are all being asked to make decisions and move forward in ways that can feel uncomfortable and strange.

One can feel alone, insecure, or unsure how to make choices from a place of energetic wellness, inner guidance and a wider world view.

In this class, with a community of like minded people, you will:
    🌀 Master your awareness of chording between people and be ready to remedy it.         
     🌀 Become tuned into your Guidance and feel confident to follow it

     🌀 Learn to understand and contextualize the changing times you are living in.
    🌀 Cultivate an ongoing inner peace and balance.
In this class you will engage in inquiry, meditation, and particular practices to help you become more in tune with your own inner knowing. You will learn to live from a grounded, stable place, feeling confident in your choices and forward movement.

Ten years ago I felt great fear...

I had moved to Mexico, didn't have a huge savings and didn't know many people in my new location.

I was navigating a new language, looking for a place to live, and wondering if I'd made the right decision.  

I felt afraid, alone, and lost. There was no certainty. Change had me paralyzed.

Over time I felt more stable, less insecure. Eventually, I grew into a new way of being.

I learned to trust my intuition, to be in the moment, to make decisions as the choices arose, and to be alright without knowing the future.

I discovered how to move inside myself and find my truth. I became OK with uncertainty and found a sense of personal ease and grace regardless of the circumstances.

Now I rarely feel fear, and if I do, I know how to work with it from inside.

I trust my life and the world. 

And this is what you'll be learning in this class!

This is a study group for people who have taken classes with Kristina or have equal studies.

Summer Study Group, Going Deeper
 Expand your skill with your Inner Guidance, Master Your Energy and Bring Personal Balance.

This is a rich 5 module e-class with channeling, videos, meditations, and journaling as well as weekly Zoom classes.
The recorded classes include channeling, sharing, meditations and teaching. 


I'm ready to get connected!

Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023  

Course Curriculum

Inner Balance: Leading From the Heart 

✱ You will feel fully presenced within your heart, thus able to tap into your inner wisdom.

✱ You will make decisions easily from this place.

✱ You will learn practices to keep returning to this open-hearted, inner place.

Intuition: Attuning to Your Personal Guidance

✱ You will grow confident in your inner guidance system.

✱ You will recognize the signs and nudges your intuition ongoingly brings you.

✱You will have ways to double check your guidance and thus be assured of when to follow it. 

Energy: Mastering the Dance with Others

✱ You will become highly sensitive to when others are energetically draining you.

✱ You will feel secure in your ability to remove inappropriate chording from others.

✱ You will feel energetically secure as you move in the world.

Trust: Growing Perspective and Inner Balance  

✱ You will experience the world as a safe place regardless of what is going on.

✱ You will generate a wider perspective of the changes on Planet Earth.

✱ You will find greater compassion for the human condition. 

Holding Vision: Living Into the Future

✱ You will have confidence in the wellness of your future.

✱ You will hold a knowing of your future self's stability, inner peace, and aliveness

✱ You will have faith in the future of Planet Earth.  

Why Learn From Me?

~I’ve been an acupuncturist for 39 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides. I hear my Guides 24/7.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.

"Kristina's class is like a fine meal - served with elegance in bite-sized pieces that are nourishing and extremely satisfying. This is a perfectly paced class with just the right amount of information in each component, to inspire and support graceful digestion."

Maggie Feehan, Psychotherapist
Victoria, BC


I'm ready to get connected!

Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023  

"The session yesterday is still resonating in me.  Very powerful, very calming, very practical and useful."

Patricia Bruneau-Gaber, Retired
Prescott, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The class is five modules and each Tuesday you will have access to a new module on the learning platform. This will consist of videos, meditations, and handouts. On Mondays, we will go over the material that I released the week before.


I'm ready to get connected!

Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023  

"This class is awesome! I'm so grateful to have this space to learn with peers... I've been able to get connected with parts of myself, I otherwise do not typically reach."

Paula Lee, Psychiatric Nurse,
San Francisco, CA

Summer Study Group, Going Deeper...
I invite you to join me in this heartfelt journey to grow your skills and nourish your innermost self in these
changing times.