Live Get Connected with Your Spirit Guide

A 5-week class with weekly Zoom calls, videos, and meditations.

A step-by-step e-course to get you confidently receiving guidance from your Spirit Guide.

Do You:

✓ Feel desperate to connect with your Higher Guidance? 

✓ Know you have a Spirit Guide but you can’t really connect with him or her? 

✓ Get intuitive hits from your Guide but don’t trust what you get and wonder if you’re making it up?  

✓Feel like maybe this Guide business is all wishful thinking?

Get Ready to Feel:

✓ Thrilled that you are consistently well guided.

✓ In tune and connected to your Spirit Guide.  

✓ Confident and trusting in what you receive.  

✓ Well grounded in your ability to get guidance.

I'm Ready!

$199 Early Bird Registration through Tuesday, April 26th,
then $259

Live Zoom Classes, Saturday mornings,
12:30 pm, Central Time.
April 30th   -  May 28th.

"I love this advice about TRUSTING and valuing how I receive guidance in my own way, and not comparing to others. I also appreciate the suggestion of running the guidance through our hearts to determine whether to follow and act on the guidance or not. Our hearts are our wise guides. Thank you!"

Anita Eubank, Intuitive Counselor,
San Miguel, MX
Guide Class 2021

🌀Spirit Guides are non-physical beings that exist in a different dimension than our physical reality. They are present to help us fulfill our spiritual contracts as well as help us live our day to day life.  

🌀We have Guides who are with us throughout our whole lives and Guides that come for specific projects with us.  

🌀They can be highly ascended masters, or they can be experts in certain areas. They often appear as male or female but are actually just energy. They may have had physical lifetimes, and could possibly be someone you have known in another life.  

🌀Their job is to assist us. Being in connection with your Guide helps you make decisions for your highest good and feel accompanied in both your daily and spiritual life.  

🌀We usually have more than one Guide at a time. In this class I will identify one of your Guides, so you have a specific being to work with.  

🌀I will take you through my step-by-step system to help you get more fully connected with your Guide and to receive your guidance from that being!

Fifteen years ago I felt dense, lost in a fog, and unable to get my guidance.

I had a large acupuncture practice and everyone working around me was tuned in. They were connected to their Guides, knew their names, and were getting constant direction

For me, it was zippo, nada, a blank slate. Oh I had intuitive hits and knew some things but not enough that I felt sure of myself and what I got.

Eventually I started using specific practices and tools and in time, I was also hearing my Guides.

Now my Guides are always with me. They direct me in my day-to-day decisions as well as my work with clients. I no longer feel lost or dense. I am truly happy to be living a life full of connection to my Guides.

Get Connected to Your Spirit Guide

This is a rich 5 week e-class with videos, meditations, journaling, and worksheets, as well as live classes.

Live, online classes on Saturday mornings,  
April 30th through May 28th, 12:30 PM Central time.
Classes 1 hour and fifteen minutes.

Module 1-Creating and  Maintaining Energetic Boundaries

~You will become secure in the type of intuition you have.

~You will feel excited to recognize and receive your intuitive hits regularly.

 ~You will learn how to get connected with your Guide through your intuition.

Module 3- Removing Energetic Chords

~You will become skilled at energetically clearing yourself so you can receive clear guidance. 

~You will learn how to tune in to your particular style of receiving messages and become aware of your personal inner cues. 

~You will deepen your confidence as you receive feedback that it is working.

Module 5-Energetic House Clearing 
~You will learn how to gracefully move forward with new guidance as you receive it.   

~You will be consciously connected to the underlying direction of Spirit while living your normal life.    

~You will find life richer and more gratifying as you are able to live in the present moment, making decisions with guidance, moment by moment.

Module 2-Working with People Energetically

 ~I will identify your Guide before the class begins and give you their name and some information about them.

~You will have a clear, tangible Guide to be working with.

 ~You will feel confidently connected as you grow your relationship with your Guide.

Module 4-Regenerating Your Energy

~You You will tune into the nuances of guidance from your Guide in your everyday life.  

~You will learn to trust what you receive.  

~You will recognize signs and signals from nature.

The class has been wondrous and opened a whole new realm for me. Life beyond what I see is immense. You are a wonderful, joyful, encouraging, compassionate teacher. I am grateful to know you."

Sue Austin, Writer,
Driggs, ID
Guide Class 2021

I'm Ready!

$199 Early Bird Registration through February 7th,
then $259
Savings of $60

Live Zoom Classes, Saturday mornings.
11 am, Central Time.
February 12th   -  March 12th.

"I have loved the class. I have really felt closer to my guides and noticed more when they were with me and things that they were giving me guidance about. There were more synchronicities, for sure. I started becoming more and more aware of the messages through my body."

Barbara Erb,
Meditation Teacher,
Asheville, NC
Guide Class 2020

Who Is This Class For?

This class is for you if:

This class isn't for you if:

~You want to be connected to your Spirit Guide. 

~You know there’s more to life than meets the eye.  

~You have intuitive hits and want more.  

~You want to feel guided in life.  

~You’re willing to do the inner work and class work to get connected.

~You don’t believe in Spirit Guides and the unseen world.

 ~You don’t want to grow and change. 

~You’re unwilling to get out of your comfort zone as you master new skills.  

~You’re unwilling to develop new ways of being.

"I have found companionship and support which makes being in the world and decisions much less fraught…I do feel connected. Sometimes it's hard to connect and I don't get huge signs so I have to be very quiet to connect."

Jenn Kagen,
Yoga Instructor,
San Miguel, MX
Guide Class 2020 

Why Learn From Me?

~I’ve been an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides. I hear my Guides 24/7.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All classes are recorded. You don't need to come to the live classes, although it can be beneficial to your learning.

The class is five modules and each Monday you will have access to a new module on the learning platform. This will consist of videos, meditations, and handouts. On Saturdays, we will go over the material that I released the previous Monday.

Everyone has the ability to connect with their Guide. It is a matter of being willing, learning new tools, and tehn finding what works best for you.

You have seven days from the time we begin to withdraw if it is not a fit for you. You will be returned the original fee minus $50 for processing.

Yes, payment plans are offered. When at the checkout screen, you will see the various payment options.

I'm Ready!

$199 Early Bird Registration through February 7th,
then $259
Savings of $60

Live Zoom Classes, Saturday mornings,
11 am, Central Time.
February 12th   -  March 12th.

Get Connected to Your Spirit Guide
I invite you to join me in this heartfelt journey to meet your Guide and get tuned into
your own inner Guidance.
I am so excited to teach you everything I know about it…

"I'm sitting here with my guide and thankful to have this time with her...I had quite a few A-ha moments!
She continues to give me messages. It's exciting for things to make more sense with signs."

Amie Koch,
Mother and Teacher
East Hampton, NY
Guide Class 2021

"Since starting the class I feel a closer connection to spirit. I love this way of being and it answers my intention to be fully guided in the feeling of knowing what I know from a higher and more mystical place. Great Gratitude."

Clara Stewart Moore,
NASM Specialist
Guide Class 2021