Healer's Energy Mentorship

Feel secure in your work, your energy mastery with clients, and your ability to attract your perfect clientele

An online, advanced class for health care practitioners, to help you feel confident in your healing work, master the energetics of working with others, and attract your perfect clientele.


Are you just starting your healing practice and striving to feel confident in your work?

Or have you been working with clients a long time and continue to find yourself drained and overwhelmed by your practice?

Are you longing to attract the perfect clients who love and appreciate your work?

If this is true then this program is for you!

In this 4-module program you will learn to: 

    ☑️ Trust Yourself and the Value of Your Work
          Feel naturally confident in your work.
    ☑️ Maintain Energetic Boundaries with Your Clients
          Learn to create and maintain your perfect energetic container.      

     ☑️ Master the Art of How Much to Give
          Cease feeling drained by your work.

     ☑️ Create Clients That are a Vibrational Match
          Work with people that honor and appreciate you.

     ☑️ Receive Peer Support 
          Have a place to ask questions and discuss your work.
Being a Healer, Inside and Out

As a new healer you may:
☀︎Lack trust in your work.
☀︎Feel unsure of your gifts.                           

☀︎Experience insecurity while working with your clients.
You were drawn to the work, you know you have much to give, yet you may not trust your instincts with your clients yet.

In this program you will:
🌀Get over judging and criticizing yourself as a healer.
🌀Know you are channeling Universal energy to heal.
🌀Feel confident in your healing capacities.

As a healer you:
ould feel drained after working on your clients.
☀︎Might find clients energetically attached to you.
☀︎Find your workspace feeling strange or dirty.

In this program, learning to work with energy, you will:
🌀Become highly attuned to when you are energetically tapped by others.
🌀Have multiple tools to clear inappropriate energy.      
🌀Learn to keep your workspace
 clear of energies dropped by your clients.                  

In this program I will take you through my step-by-step system to help you manage the energetics of being a healer.

You will feel inspired, enlivened, and confident with this new knowledge.

Healer's Energy Mentorship

In this 4 module e-class, you will receive teaching videos, channelings, handouts, and meditations to help you master the energetics of being a healer.

Each module has two parts making it eight sections of lessons. This was originally given live over a period of four months. 

The Four Modules

Feel Confident in Your Work

You will learn to:
Trust your intuition and instincts with your clients.

Feel assured you are doing highly valuable work.

✱Get rid of imposters syndrome.

✱Learn to get out of your own way while working with others.

Create Energetic Integrity with Your Clients

You will learn to:
Maintain appropriate energetic boundaries with each person.

✱Remedy being energetically tapped by clients.

Reset and rejuvenate yourself ongoingly.

✱Create a self-care routine that keeps you well nourished.

Master Working with Clients, Learn How Much to Give

✱Exactly how much is appropriate to offer clients energetically.

✱Where to meet your clients energetically.

✱How to hold care without caretaking.

✱How to hold your clients as strong well people, not victims.

Attract Your Perfect Clientele

✱ How to identify your ideal client.

✱How to energetically call in your clients.

✱How to create a strong referral base in your community.

✱Stand strong and confident as you build your practice.


I'm ready!

Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023
or 2 payments of $200

This Class is right for you if:

✱You are working in the healing trades.
✱You are starting a new healing practice or are up-leveling your current practice.
✱You are energy sensitive.
✱You are comfortable working in the non-physical world.
✱You want to maintain energetic integrity between yourself and your clients.
✱You long to feel nourished and well while maintaining a practice as a healer.

This Class is not to:

✱Teach you your healing trade.
✱Teach you business skills.

"Kristina's class is like a fine meal - served with elegance in bite-sized pieces that are nourishing and extremely satisfying.

This is a perfectly paced class with just the right amount of information in each component, to inspire and support graceful digestion."

Maggi Feehan,
Victoria, BC

"I just want to say I so enjoyed taking this class with you.

I love your presence, I love the simple and easy learning you gift.

Your videos are perfect, they are to the point and short. "

Holly Wilmeth, International Photographer, San Miguel de Allende, MX

" Kristina continues to develop her intuitive powers and the strength of her teaching. She challenges me to dig deeper and deeper.

"The session yesterday is still resonating in me. Very powerful, very calming, very practical and useful."

Patricia Bruneau-Gabor
Prescott, AZ


I'm ready!
Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023 
or 2 payments of $200

"Kristina provides a loving and reliable rudder for all the questions, doubts, and insights held by her students in a way that inherently nurtures trust towards deepening one’s association with their own personal intuition and guidance.  Thank you, Kristina! "
Leni Mostaghim, Pilates Teacher
San Francisco, CA

"My ability to connect with my intuition and guidance has opened in ways I didn't know it could in the last couple months.

Having...a place I can go to, learn from, and be supported through has been pivotal. The monthly check ins, channelings from the guides, and the community of people stepping into their wisdom has been a gift. "

Regina Gee
Tucson, AZ

"I always enjoy learning from and working with Kristina! This course was a great refresher...

These teachings are easy and practical. I now feel more equipped and empowered to protect my energy without having to hermit..."

Ali Pruitt
Coach and Consultant, 
Ajijic, MX

"Participating in this class has deepened my trust and faith in myself and my connection to Spirit."

Being a part of this community has also been of tremendous benefit, both to serve as a reminder that I am not alone on "this side" of things and from hearing of and learning from everyone's questions and experiences.

Cristi Daniele
Akron, OH

Why Learn From Me?

~I was an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides. I hear my Guides 24/7.

~I have taught multitudes of healers how to manage energy.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.


I'm ready!
Discounted Pricing Through the End of 2023 
or 2 payments of $200

Healer's Energy Mentorship
I invite you to join me in this heartfelt journey of mastering the energy of being a healer.
I am excited to help you be more confident, happy, and successful in your work.

"What I find particularly helpful is Kristina's ability to integrate working with the physical and the spirit world in a practical, straightforward way. Kristina has a very easy style, it's very natural and makes these concepts and practices feel very accessible to all...Highly recommend Kristina to anyone who is at all interested in working energetically."
K Martin, Operations Manager,
Oakland CA