The Three Keys to Honing Your Intuition

Know Your Type, Tune In, and Say YES to What You Get!

A self-paced, step-by-step e-course so you can 
tune in with certainty and trust your intuition.

Do You:

☑️ Feel desperate to connect with your Intuition?

☑️ Know you have it but don't really trust it?

☑️ Get intuitive hits but you don't take time to receive them?

Get Ready to Feel:

☑️ Thrilled to be tuned into your Intuition.

☑️ Confident and trusting in what you receive.

☑️ Fully aligned to be present for what comes to you!
About Intuition

You may think you don’t have any, but this isn’t true. You have probably not focused on it, nor developed it.

Everyone has intuition that is hiding quietly underneath their busy minds. Taking the time to listen to it will change your experience.

There are four main types of intuition:  

It’s important to know what your main ways of receiving are. Most people have one or two that are more dominant.  

In the first module you will take my Intuition Test and learn what type of intuition you have.

Then, I will take you through my step-by-step system to help you get more fully connected with your's so you can receive your guidance ongoingly!

Eighteen years ago I felt lost, stuck, and unable to access my intuition.

I had a large acupuncture practice and everyone working around me was tuned in. They were connected to their intuition and were getting constant direction.

For me, it was a blurry world...I had intuitive hits and knew some things but not enough that I felt sure of myself and what I got.

Eventually I started using specific practices and tools and in time, I was also rely on my intuition.

Now my intuition is always with me. It directs me in my day-to-day decisions as well as my work with clients. I no longer feel lost or dense. I am truly happy to be living a life in constant connection with my intuition.

The Three Keys to Honing Your Intuition

This is a rich 3 module e-class with videos, meditations, journaling, and worksheets, to get you confidently receiving your intuition.

Module 1-Know Your Type

~You will be thrilled to learn what kind of intuition you have.

~You will master new techniques to become attuned to your specific type of intuition.

~You will nurture and grow your specific types of Intuition.

Module 3-Say YES to What You Get

~You will trust what your receive and affirm it.

~You will learn to quit comparing your way of intuiting with others.

~You will cultivate a sense of innocence and faith in your way of intuiting.

Module 2-Tune In

~You will learn to quiet your mind and receive your intuitive hits.

~You will become at ease with being purely in the present moment, alert, open and receiving.

~You will discover what rhythmic activities encourage greater intuition for you.

I'm Ready!

Our gift to you...

What Kristina's Students and Clients Are Saying...

"I was finally able to gain the tools to work WITH my Guidance rather than always questioning its’ validity and just going through life letting it all happen TO me.

Our work enabled me to safely and faithfully move through all the trauma and clear the space to strengthen my trust in my guidance.

You are a great teacher, healer and example for me to learn from and experience."

Cristi Wall
Energy Healer, 
Akron, OH

"I am also a true clairsentient, but I am realizing that the visuals help me get out of my head and into my heart and be more's exciting for things to make more sense with signs and I'm grateful for the visuals...

I didn't realize I was taking this course to be more playful but that's the message I continue to get..."

Amie Koch
Mother and Teacher,
East Hampton,NY

"I love this advice about TRUSTING and valuing how I receive guidance in my own way -- and not comparing to others.

I also appreciate the suggestion of running the guidance through our hearts...

Our hearts are our wise guides. Thank you!"

Anita Eubank
Intuitive Counselor,
San Miguel de Allende, MX

A Message From Kristina's Guides on Intuition...

We wish you to consider yourselves intuitive, in touch, and awake to your intuition.

Many of you have programing that says this is not true. You were taught to shut these off from an early age.

Some of you were so intuitive it was painful. You knew and felt too much so you numbed yourself. This was a survival tactic and served you in the moment but is no longer useful.  

How many times have you known you felt something or knew something and didn’t listen? This is both your programming and an old habit. It no longer serves you.

We say listen, tune in, and trust yourself. 

Why Learn From Me?

~I’ve been an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.
~I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
~I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides. I hear my Guides 24/7.
~I’m grounded, down to earth and systematic in my teaching.
~I make this knowledge practical and easy to learn, taking it out of the woo woo realms.

"I enjoyed the 1st Module, the meditation I need to work on as I work on slowing down and quieting the noise; internal and external. I appreciate finally having then language I need to articulate my experiences with intuitive hits."
Trisha Jaipul,
Entrepreneur, Austin, TX

I'm Ready!

Our gift to you...

The Three Keys to Honing Your Intuition
I invite you to join me on this magical journey to get connected to
your Intuition.
I am so excited to teach you everything I know about it…

"It has intensified my desire to understand the quiet world that speaks to me constantly. I am pausing more and almost weaving a story that has been waiting to be told from my heart. I love this way of being and it answers my intention to be fully guided in the feeling of knowing what I know from a higher and more mystical place. 
Great Gratitude!"

Clara Stewart Moore, NASM Specialist, NYC, NY