A Channeling-Planting Wellness for Yourself...

Dear Beloved Tribe,
Munnara, the Great Whale, and Hakika, the fairy came through this week. They speak about aligning our actions with our hearts, choosing well-being, and living with inspiration and hope as those in the north moves towards Spring.

Pisces New Moon
The new moon arrives, Saturday, March 13th, at 4:17am, Central time.

This moon brings a soul completion and an alignment with our higher calling. There is an other worldliness here, an opportunity to be in a bigness of what we are called to do.

It could be a dreamy, spacey sort of time. Be sure an allow yourself time to drift and tune in. Pam Younghans reminds us it is a "cazimi" new moon bringing "accidental strength" increasing intuition and beneficial outcomes.

Listen to more from astrologer Molly McCord.

Read Pam Younghan's astro blog. 

Blessings, dear ones...
May you feel blessed in your life

 "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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