Accelerating Frequencies

The Rising Frequencies
Well it's been quite the time...the energies are intense and can be overwhelming!

That which no longer fits is falling away and new creations are flying into existence. We are being asked to level up. 

For many, relationships, jobs, and activities that are no longer in the highest good, are being stripped away. It can be painful.

Leaning into one's heart, generating self kindness, and standing in love is paramount, while also being flexible!

Recent Channellings

A number of beings have come in wanting to talk about healing the planet and the human body.
Advanced Energy Mentorship Program

The Guides have been working with me to step further into my teaching...

Thus, I will be offering a 5-month Advanced Energy Mentorship program beginning in November. It will focus on Healing, Energy Management, Connection with Your Guides, and Channeling. There will be prerequisites.

I will have all the details out soon. Let me know if you are interested and I'll keep you personally apprised. 

And I will be teaching my new Energy Healing Class prior to that beginning in late September...stay tuned!

Be well in these times my dear friends. It is strong energy and we must each maintain our balance, further our growth, and live in peace.

Much Love, 

 "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

Schedule  a reading with your Guides or a House Clearing.

Contact me to learn more about my five-week Transformational Coaching Programs with Healing, Intuition/Spirit Guides, or Energy Management.

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