Activating the Healer Within

Have you ever been sick and you just couldn't get well, nothing really helped?

Not until you actually tuned into your own knowing and just had a hit that something would work? Or you surrendered and let it be how it was?

It's so easy to not have to figure it out ourselves...

To think someone else has the answer yet so often it's hidden within ourselves and we just have to truly look within and find what's true for us.

When working with your personal healing, here are some questions to ask:

  • Have I slowed down and tuned into what's happening in my body?
  • Are there other things going on bringing great stress to my life?
  • Am I being kind to myself as I deal with my sickness?

You could also ask:

  • Is there anything I'm avoiding feeling?
  • Any problems in my relationships, work, or something disturbing my inner peace with myself?
  • Is there something I know is true for me that I'm avoiding?

You might go on to then work with inner parts of yourself that need help; this could be your inner child, a specific body part that has a message for you, or an organ that is compromised.

You could use Louise Hay's book, "Heal Your Body," to look up the meaning of the organ, illness, or body part.

Then you could dialogue with it gently and kindly to see what it needs and give it that.

And sometimes it's just this all the sudden AHA moment and you understand it or know what it needs.

HERE is a meditation to help you work with healing yourself.
HERE is a channeling on Creating Wellness.

Much love,