Advanced Energetic Grounding Techniques

How are you feeling?

A little off? Maybe overwhelmed?

The stars are big this week and you could feel a bit pushed around by the energies, so I wanted to offer two of my Super Grounding Techniques.

As most of you remember, grounding is a way of getting energetically connected to Mother Earth. In its most simple form, we imagine a chord going from the bottom of our feet or the bottom of our spine deep into Earth's core.

When the energies are overwhelming or we're feeling emotionally unstable it's useful to have stronger grounding techniques. Here are two.

First Method:
Instead of putting the chords from your feet or spine down, imagine them coming from higher up on your legs, like at the knee or even higher up to the waist. Connect them from one of these places and then imagine them going deep into the Earth as before. You might find this makes you feel more stable or more energetically strong.

Second Method:
Here we will be working with planes of energy we run through the chakras at the core of our bodies.

  1. First imagine a plane of energy running from front to back through your chakras. So coming from in front of your body, going through your chakras and spine to the back of your body.
  2. Then imagine another plane running perpendicular to that through the sides of your body, from the side of your body running through the chakras and coming out the other side.
  3. Then if you want to add more, run two more planes of energy from corner to corner, meaning run a plane from the front right breast area through the chakras to the left shoulder area. Then do the same starting at the the front left side running through to the right back side.

Once you have this it will look star like. All of these planes intersecting through your chakras. You will be centered from there and deeply grounded in your energetic body.

These are two very different ways of grounding. Try them both and see what works best.

I lead you through these in the video below.

Good luck and blessings.

HERE is a video leading you through these grounding techniques.