Awakening States

Have you ever had experiences where everything looked different and felt different?

I noticed while at the beach, times when the water had this amazing glittering light and I had moments when I was awe struck by the sheer beauty of the ocean.

It was if everything looked different. It was brighter, more alive, and full of extraordinary color.

Have you ever had this kind of experience where everything is changed?

This is often called an "Awakening Experience."

The term awakening is now being used to mark when your vibration jumps.

Here are some of the Signs of an Awakening Moment

  • Your vision shifts, it's more acute.
  • You feel different, more enlivened.
  • Your priorities change, what matters changes.
  • You have clarity about issues that you couldn't previously resolve.
  • You feel emotionally clear.
  • You could feel excited or inspired.
  • You could also feel dizzy or unbalanced.
  • You might have the sense everything has changed for you.

What Brings Awakening

  • It can be doing something that is emotionally and spiritually uplifting, such as healing, praying, meditating, or spiritual dancing.
  • It can be from joining with others in high vibrational activity.
  • It can be from being in Nature or even certain kinds of exercise.
  • And it can be from deep contact with another person.

Awakening experiences happen frequently and yet often are not recognized. You might notice you feel strange but you're unaware of the significance.

Begin to take note when you have these experiences. You might find yourself more emotionally sensitive, more intuitive, and more easily overwhelmed.

This is a good time to take extra special care of yourself. You'll notice your new state becomes integrated fairly rapidly and the "new" you is up and running!