Communing with Your Spirit Guides

In these times of change it is so good to know we are Guided. Here's a piece about getting connected to your Spirit Guides.

The Spirit Guides...they are here. Everyone of us has them and yet sometimes it is hard to feel connected...

In accessing one's Guides, it is best to approach it as a process of developing a relationship.

It is actually something everyone has access to yet you must intend to connect and then spend the time to be successful at it.

Remember, you are developing new skills and it is much like building muscles, it happens over time with attention placed there regularly. I recommend that my students take it on as a practice.

My Guide Munnara says this:

"As you begin to connect with us we wish to advise you on your attitudes and ways of being.

  • Begin by making it a habit to connect with us daily.
  • Find a time to sit and be present with us, ask us questions. We find it works best when your mind is quieted. Many of you will pair this with your spiritual practices, such as meditation, prayer, or the reading of spiritual texts.
  • Others will find you are most open in nature. Maybe you walk or run daily. Or you tend a garden or you take your dog out, and connect with us then.
  • It doesn’t matter what it is, but it needs to be regular. From that place we can prime your mind to let us in.
  • We know you will be quiet then so we can enter with ease and plant an idea or answer your question.

Yes, dear ones, we do this. Surely you have memories of having a prayer for something and all the sudden you know the answer. That is often us, bringing an appropriate answer for you.

Indeed, we come in many ways...We ask you to be a valiant explorer as you get to know us."
We know the Guides are here and to really be in relationship with them, we have to connect with them regularly and trust what we get.

Indeed it is not an area most of us are familiar with. We have to get comfortable communing with their non-physical beingness, their essence, feeling them, trusting them, honoring our experience, and really know we are guided.

To delve deeper with your Guides you can take my online class,"Getting Connected to Your Spirit Guides," or schedule a personal session where you meet and access your Guide.