Cultivating Peace Within and Without

The US mid-term voting is happening concurrently with the total blood moon lunar eclipse. The eclipse can bring chaotic energies and thus I am reminded how we can hold peace and the highest outcome for the United States.

How do we help encourage peace, in elections, in our countries, and in our day to day lives? Here are some inspiring thoughts from the Guides, a spiritual teacher, and a great statesman.

The Spirit Guides ask us to take brief moments to cultivate inner peace.

"Stop, look around,
find something to appreciate,
breathe, be in your present moment.

Find perfect stillness present inside you.
It is the taking in of the good and precious which allows you to feel a full, satisfied peacefulness."

Mystic Matt Kahn states:
"Each time you are able to hold loving space for yourself,
it ripples out to offer the same gift of space
to all hearts through the laws of Unity consciousness.
This makes the essential practice of loving yourself one of the most potent ways to transform the world."

And inspiration from the great Indian leader,

Gandhi's Prayer for Peace
I offer you peace
I offer you love
I offer you friendship
I see your beauty
I hear your need
I feel your feelings
My wisdom flows from the highest source
I salute that source in you
Let us work together
For unity and peace.

Channeling The Guides speak about coming back to one's own personal peace.

Channeling-In this channeling Munnara speaks about navigating the human condition with grace and love.