Divine Energies Opening...

The Lion's Gate is August 8th. There are remarkable energies for healing, soul growth, and spiritual awakening presently available.

Dear Beloved Tribe,
I will be offering 3 separate Healing Circles in the upcoming weeks. These are each one time offerings. Come to one or all.

The Lion's Gate energies are opening and thus I am giving the opportunity to work with these powerful energies. Dates and time below.

Thursday, July 29th, 10am, Central time
Sunday, August 8th, 10am, Central time
Thursday, August 12th, 10am, Central time

These are by donationIf you can't be there and want a copy of the circle (without personal sharing), you can purchase for $20. 

I look forward to seeing you and sharing this magical time!

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In the following video I talk about the Lion's Gate Portal and then channel Munnara.

She speaks of the energies presently available and looking to the heavens for a new point of view. She recommends being deeply present to one's self and clearing away distractions while also finding delight
Living into the Higher Frequencies
The Lion's Gate
This portal of energy opened on the full moon, July 23rd and will close around August 12th. It is at its height on August 8th, 8-8, which is also the New Moon.

During this period the star Sirius rises in the morning, conjunct with the sun. Sirius, often called the "dog star," is considered to impact the soul. It is a blue star and radiates energy to your spiritual body, healing your heart, awakening your soul and providing psychic downloads. 

To the Egyptians, this was also a very important time as it signified the rise of the Nile,  fertilizing the fields.

We are each being called to our soul's development and responsibility to help Mother Earth as she heals and grows.

It is a point where you can begin a new cycle of creation and healing.

Read more from Celia Fenn, Tim Whild on his Practical Ascension Facebook channel, and Lorna Bevans' August 5-D Report.

I will continue to write about this throughout the upcoming weeks.

May this divine time inspire and uplift you, may your heart know healing...

Much Love, 

PS-I will teach a five week course on Saturdays beginning the end of September, through October. This will either be on Healing (past life, inner child, and energy healing) or Energy Management. Please let me know if you have a preference.

PPS-The survey I sent was a bit inconclusive, too few responses. If you have needs and wants, write me!


 "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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