Guides Can Help You Find Your Soul Purpose...

I've decided to make my online Get Connected to Your Spirit Guide Class a sliding scale so there is more availability to all. Prices begin at $179 and go up from there. You can choose from three options when you check out. We also have a donor offering funds so if you want to come at a lower price, please contact me. 

Dear Beloveds,
Who are the Spirit Guides? They are non-physical beings who help you in your life. They exist in another dimension and yet they are near you and fully accessible to you. 

You came with a soul purpose, with intentions to learn certain things in this lifetime. You may have come to learn compassion, kindness, surrender, or any number of things. 

Your Guides are here to help you live your soul purpose as you originally intended when you incarnated. 

They nudge you towards that purpose using your intuition, co-incidents, situations, and people. 

What about now? It's a hard time on the planet and you also came to contribute your gifts as well as to spiritually grow during this time. Do you know what your gifts are? Do you know how you are growing?


The Guides can help you find answers to these questions and then confidently move forward in your life.

In my class "Get Connected with Your Spirit Guide,"  you will learn how to connect and work with your Guides.

I will identify one of your Guides and give you his or her name and a bit about them.

You will begin to get your messages and nudges, helping you feel more trusting in your decisions for your life. 

This is a 5-week, 5-module course, January 25th through February 27th. Each Monday new material will be released with videos, handouts, and a meditation. Then there will be a live Zoom class on Saturdays. 

You don't need to attend the live classes but they are helpful. They will be recorded and available after each class.

You can learn more here...

Prices go up, even with the sliding scale, January 23rd. 

Ready to enroll?  Register here.

Now is the time to be all you can be. The world needs your gifts and spiritual wisdom. Being in touch with your Guides will help you navigate your path.

Join me for "Get Connected with Your Spirit Guide."

Many Blessings and Much love, 

 "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

I am available for readings with your Guides, house clearings, personal retreat, and spiritual coaching by phone or in person in Troncones, Mexico.