Leaning Into the New

The New Moon is Thursday, February 11th. This is the most powerful new Moon of the year. It calls us to go inward, find our new path, and change.

From Munnara 
Dear Ones, 

There are new energies a foot on your planet and it is a grand time to lean into your deepest desires. Many of you have had great times of trial in the last year...and yet, here you are, in your present moment, finding your joy and what has meaning for you. 

We ask you to find your passion, vision and creativity. What do you wish to create for yourself now? Where do you find freedom and excitement? Yes, we hear your cries of pain on this situation where you cannot go out in the world as you might wish...and yet, within the confines that presently exist, what grabs your heart? What can you do?

Look around your world. Notice where you have been holding onto the old and choose instead to release it and find new ways that have grander meaning or potency for you. Lean into this new alive you, this you that you are creating. Be that!

Thank you dear ones...
Love, Munnara

From The Whales...
Dear Beloved Ones,
We wish to remind you the ocean is large, we swim in big wide openness. We invite you to do the same...come from the bigness around you. Imbibe your possibilities. Do not settle for a small drop of living. Choose to swim with your tribe. Make choices that serve the greater good and yet feel good to you. Find joy in your daily life and open your heart to love. Feel it. Be it. Live it. 

Many of you have felt separated from your tribe and damaged by all that has happened. You walk with your head down. We ask you to find a way to swim, as we do. To hold your head up and smell your air. Find your instinctual wellness. You have this within you if you can listen to it.

And jump around. Get into that body of yours and enjoy it. This is simple advice and yet profound. It is in being at home in your body that you will feel re-enlivened.

We are sending our love...
The Whales


From Kristina
Dear Beloved Tribe,
The new moon is Thursday, February 11th at 1:05 pm Central time. Astrologer Molly McCord informs us this is the most powerful new moon of the year. 

This means it is a perfect time to begin new endeavors, lean into our desires, and start creating. Lena Stevens of the Power Path, reminds us it is a period where you can claim "emotional freedom" and let go of the past. 

And astrologer Pam Youghans cautions us to go inward, explore our inner landscape and from there, make new choices.

Clearly it is time for change and to move forward. I encourage you to find your way...Make your intentions, Consider making a vision board...dream...and play...

Many Blessings and Much love, 


New Moon Healing Circle
Please join me for a healing circle to heal ourselves and the planet. We will have channelings, guided healing meditation, and Planetary healing...

11:30 am, Central Time
Thursday, February 11th

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 415 115 1342
Passcode: love

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    "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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