Sipping Love All Day Long...

As a single person it has been easy to look over at couples and think I was missing something, some quality of love...and yet as I have leaned into it, I notice that I feel more and more love in my life.

When do we feel love?

Yes there is romance, being in love, but on an every day, moment by moment feeling of love, how does it come to you? Is it with friends, a partner, an animal, or your family? Is it with Nature or beauty? Is it breathing the air and feeling the presence of Spirit?

I notice I feel love when:

  • I look in the eyes of someone I care about
  • I pet my dog
  • I look out on a big wide view feeling Spirit and the Universe
  • I imagine being at the ocean
  • I greet my beautiful Mexican neighbors
  • I have an amazing heartfelt exchange with a friend

Love comes in many forms and is available all day long if we take the time to open our hearts and feel it.

How do you feel love?

  • With people
  • In Nature
  • With animals
  • With beauty
  • While singing or dancing
  • While serving others

We're in a heart opening energetic period this week, so there is an opportunity to feel more love. Notice how it is for you, where you feel it, how you feel it, and if you can really savor it and take it in.

You could pause more to feel it, extend it to those you care about it, and lean in, to find it in quiet moments.

Indeed love is everywhere if we can open up, let it in, and be present to its beauty!

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