Staying Well in a Crazy World

Dear Beloved Tribe,
This is a channeling from Munnara talking about how to come back to your true heartedness, be well, and have a vision in these times.
Finding Your True Heartedness
Living Into Our Wellness
As the summer peaks and we head towards fall I am struck by the beauty and the brokenness of our world.

Healing is at a premium...we must keep ourselves sound, bring our service to others, and affect change on our planet. 

How do you take care of yourself?

Are you staying inspired, loving, and positive?

Are you cultivating resilience, faith, and deep personal regeneration?

Astrologer Sarah Varcas reminds us:
"Commit to the long haul – whatever it takes – and all else will follow. Connect with Source. Tune in to your innate wisdom...

The shift of ages requires spiritual warriors, courageous lovers and fierce compassion...

We must embrace the dark unknown, standing firm and sure that life abundant will always prevail and our very essence along with it." 

And from Pam Younghans,
"We are moving through one of those pivotal periods that I visualize as a starburst on humanity's timeline...

...we wanted to participate, and to do what we knew we were capable of doing – or, more accurately, to Be who we knew we were capable of Being – to support and facilitate this awakening, this expansion of consciousness, this time of incredibly fast-paced growth."

And so it is...we are HERE. Changing, growing, awakening, and being present!

Be well, my dear friends. 

Much Love, 

 "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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