A Channeling-Taking Care in Difficult Times

This is a channeling from Munnara who speaks for a group of souls working with the Divine Feminine, the Whales, and an Earth Spirit named Hakika.

Dear Beloved Tribe,
This is a channeling from Munnara, the Whales, and an Earth Spirit, Hakika. They speak of taking care of oneself, of being in Nature, and cultivating stillness. May you find value in what is shared...

Compressed Change 
We are in a period asking us to change, to be our most authentic, alive, impassioned selves. 

Certainly it is not easy and yet there is relief in finally being real...

Astrologer Lorna Bevan encourages us to ask:

  • What would be different if I chose to listen to/believe/honor my inner Knowing?
  • When am I going to allow myself to have what I truly want?
  • If I were willing to step out of my comfort zone, what is waiting for me?

It's a time to dive deep, look, explore and be...while also cultivating loving kindness for self and those around us.

Blessings on the journey, dear ones...
Much love, 

  "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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