A Channeling-The Full Moon and Generating Compassion

Munnara talks about self-care in the weeks leading up to the equinox. She stresses rest and and generating compassion for self and those around you.

Dear Beloved Tribe,
This is a short channeling from Munnara in which she speaks about compassion for self, resting, and healing ones inner wounds.

Virgo Full Moon
The full moon is early Saturday, February  27th,  at 2:17am, Central time.

This moon will show us what we've lost touch with, reveal our fatigue, and help us see what we've completed. On the other hand we might also feel it's time to be productive but this must be done while incorporating periods of rest.

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Blessings, dear ones...
Much love, 

"The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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