What If Everything Is Perfect?

The energies are heavy and murky these days as we head towards the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Tuesday, November 8th.

You might feel anxious, unsure, overwhelmed, and almost "dead in the water."

Personally I've just wanted to put my head under the covers...but what if we didn't view it all from a place of duality?

What if we quit judging whether it was "good or bad" and could hold experiences more neutrally?

Could we find more value in that which is difficult?

We've all had the experience of going through a tough time and coming out knowing it really served us.

Could we take it a step further and use it with our view of the world?

From this perspective we might see that devastating events often open people's hearts. Looking back at disasters of all kinds, we can see people become more emotionally open, have an opportunity to help one another, and feel great compassion for their fellow human being.

Maybe these wars and political upheaval are causing us to stand up to claim our power.

As I look around at my personal life, and what is difficult, I find myself trying to find the more neutral point of view.

I go back to giving thanks to Spirit for what I don't understand or can't change. Again I surrender, soften, and find some place of peace inside.

It is hard being human, accepting what is, trying to change what we can and keep loving ourselves no matter what.

Kristina and her Guides speak about working with Gratitude when life is difficult.

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