When the World Has Other Plans

Recently I had an intention to create something and I just couldn't get it to go. Every way I turned the way was closed, the door shut. I got soooo stressed. Eventually I realized the Universe was saying "Not Now!" So I stopped and put it off. Wow was I relieved!

Has this ever happened to you? You had a plan that just wouldn't move forward no matter what you did?

When a project is unexpectedly blocked, we have to find new ways to be with it.
Here are a few thoughts on how to work with this.

First become aware when things are moving forward with ease and grace. Your project is moving forward piece by piece. Whatever you need arrives and you have a feeling you’re on the right path. How does that feel? What do you notice in your body, your emotions, and your Spirit?

Then remember back when a project was not working. Everything was blocked no matter which way you turned. Nothing was moving forward.

Notice how you felt. Were you frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed? Maybe you couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on and found your mind going over and over it. How did that feel in your body? Your emotions and Spirit?

What to do?

🌀 Wait,
🌀 Pause and let your body relax.

Use whatever practices you use to return to yourself:

  • Meditation,
  • Deep breathing,
  • Sitting in nature,
  • Moving your body,
  • Sitting quietly with a cup of tea or coffee.

Once you feel more calm you can decide what’s next.

  • You might pivot and come to your project differently.
  • Or you might decide the timing is wrong and it would be better to do this another time.
  • Or you might decide to let go of your project.

You could also affirm that the Universe does have a plan for you and then open up to whatever is next.

And the main thing is to know you are OK, and trust you'll know what to do when the time is right.

It's tough being human...we're so sure we're in control, and yet often the Universe has other plans 🤪 and we have to wait up, til we know what that is 😎.

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