Healing Meditations Membership

Weekly Guided Meditations, Monthly Live Healing Groups, and Quarterly Healing Circles

Guided meditations to help you heal, have greater inner peace, and love yourself more.


Are you at the beginning of your healing journey and just learning how to heal energetically?

Or have you been working with your healing a long time yet long to feel more inner peace?  

Are you wanting to feel more loving kindness towards yourself? 

Are you searchig to find your next steps forward in this crazy world we're living in? 

If this is true then this membership is for you!  

In this program you will learn to:      

☑️ Master Energetic Healing with Yourself 
     Feel comfortable approaching your healing from this perspective.                
☑️ Create Inner Well-Being Ongoingly         
     Learn how to create balance and inner peace.

☑️ Generate Loving-Kindness for Yourself          
     Learn to recognize and change old self-talk habits.

☑️ Know What's Right for You and Find Your Next Steps Forward  
     Feel confident to recognize and trust what is resonate for you.  

☑️ Be Supported by a Like-Minded Community
     Feel seen and known by others with similar journeys.
You will be regularly tapping into a part of your inner wisdom, that we sometimes forget to access.

"I feel an amazing connection with my inner child. It’s like this class has given me permission, and a guide, to meet her, communicate with her, and heal us both."
Abbey Carpenter, Retired,
Silver City, NM

Healing is a Lifelong Journey!

We work on many levels:
☀︎ The physical body.
☀ Our emotions.     
☀︎ Old wounding and trauma.
☀︎ Our deepest Spiritual selves.
☀︎ Our Inner Child and our DNA heritage. 

You will learn to recognize and change old habits of:
꩜ Judging and criticizing yourself.
꩜ Undervaluing yourself.
꩜ Not trusting yourself.

You will become confident in:
🌀 Accessing Universal Light.
🌀 Being in touch with your inner knowing.
🌀 Envisioning your life from a higher vibration.

You will feel inspired and enlivened with this new knowledge.

Eleven years ago I felt anxious and insecure. 
I was having trouble trusting myself and had lost my inner peace.

I left my life in the United States, closed down my practice and left the community and friends I had known for decades.

It was time for a change and I had finally settled on moving to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Yet once I was there, I was worried sick. Had I made the right decision, could I trust myself to make friends, create work for myself, and make a life I loved. My mind churned over and over, restless and unsettled.

Eventually I started meditating with my Guides. They helped me get back to my Healing Temple, to place myself in realms where I was soothed and healed. I worked with my inner child and brought a quieting balm to my nervous system.

Now I know how to work myself energetically when I lose my balance or feel overwhelmed by life. True inner peace and kindness is always present or close at hand.

"What I find particularly helpful is Kristina's ability to integrate working with the physical and the spirit world in a practical, straightforward way. Kristina has a very easy style, it's very natural and makes these concepts and practices feel very accessible to all. "
Patricia Bruneau-Gabor, Retired,
Prescott, AZ

Healing Meditation Membership Includes:

I am offering two plans for this program, a monthly and yearly.
The yearly plan is encouraged and has more benefits. 

What's Included:

🌀 Weekly Guided Meditations  
Access to these will be delivered to your inbox every week. They will be 15-30 minutes long taking you on a healing experience.  

🌀 Live Quarterly Healing Circles 
These will happen around the solstices and equinoxes and will be recorded in case you can't make the live Zoom event.. They will be stored in your learning center and you will have full access to them.

🌀 Periodic Channeling from the Guides
I channel my Spirit Guides and they love to leave energy updates and messages for the group. These happen randomly and you will be notified when there is a new message.

🌀Monthly Group Healing Sessions
These will happen near the end of each month. The time and date will be announced at the beginning of each month.

🌀 10% off My Regular Classes
I will continue to offer my advanced four-month classes and some smaller classes. This can also be applied to the online classes I have taught in the past that are presently available for purchase and the news I will be offering. (Not applicable for retreats.)

Fee: $122 yearly or $11 per month


I'm ready to dive into my healing!

$122 for Yearly Membership
$11 a month for Monthly Membership

"The sense of community and HOPE! Love your channeling, Kristina. I love the practical techniques as well. Learning a lot of NEW stuff that I sensed was true but never had mentorship for."
Titiana, Astrologer and Body Worker,
Roaming Between AZ and Hawaii

This Class is for you if:

✱ You have a deep interest and commitment in healing yourself.
✱ You are dedicated to your growth and well-being.
✱ You are interested in energy work.
✱ You have faith in the unseen world.
✱ You want to connect with like minded individuals.

This Class is not to:

✱ Replace medical care.
✱ Guarantee a quick fix.
✱ Remedy deep seated trauma or wounding.

Why Learn From Me?

★ I was an acupuncturist for 38 years and helped thousands of people heal and grow.

★ I have been an energy healer for over 15 years.

★ I’ve lead multiple courses and retreats for people to connect to their inner guidance.
★ I have given hundreds of intuitive readings with people’s Spirit Guides and I hear my Guides 24/7.
I love creating guided meditations. I have access to many realms and the Guides guide me in developing these.

People love my meditations. It is consistently the favorite part of many of my courses.


I'm ready to dive into my healing!

$122 for Yearly Membership
$11 a month for Monthly Membership

"I am definitely able to open my heart more as a result of these meditations and connections. For now, it feels like my work is to love and live in love. My favorite parts are the mediations"
Shawn Newell, Consultant,
Flagstaff, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All Healing Circles are recorded. You don't need to come to the live events to get the benefit.

Once you register you will be given access to the membership material. You will find the recordings for the Healing Meditations and the Healing Circles there.

Everyone has the ability to heal. It is a matter of being willing and then learning new tools, new ways of being, and fostering an open-hearted curious attitude.

Forever or as long as I do them and have this platform. You will be able to download the meditations.

You can stop the monthly plan at any time and choose not to renew your yearly membership at the end of the year.

I wanted to offer something that was available to everyone and brought a powerful impact. This is the easiest, most profound way to heal and grow that I know of. As we heal ourselves we have more light to offer others in this difficult time on our Planet.

In these meditations I lead you through a relaxation and then into different places. This could be inside your body, to a virtual Healing Temple, or into a place in Nature. Here are two samples of one of my Guided Meditations. This is a Blue Light Healing Meditation and this is a Meditation with Your Inner Healer.

Healing Meditation Membership
I invite you to join me in this deep dive into healing and meditation.
I am excited to open doors to worlds you've not known!


I'm ready to dive into my healing!

$122 for Yearly Membership
$11 a month for Monthly Membership

" Especially rich and powerful are the meditations"
JJH, Therapist"
San Francisco, CA