Finding Your Way and Receiving Sustenance from the Natural World

It's key now to follow your own path, stay connected to Nature to nurture yourself and pace yourself for a long road of change. Be in sovereignty,

Dear Beloved Tribe,
In this channeling, we have a Pleiadian speaking about being on the lengthy road of change.

They caution us that we must each make choices that fit us. This may mean we go different directions from one another and this is appropriate. 

The Pleiadian also reminds us to connect with Nature to sustain ourselves.
Keeping Balanced in the Long Haul of Change
These days have brought great intensity.

Many of us are pushed to make choices, speak up, and create radical change.

In order to stay balanced we must stay grounded.  You might find it useful to imagine yourself buried in the ground to the waist, during times of great upheaval.

Walking in Nature, breathing, stopping, and standing in forgiveness towards self and all around us brings a sustenance and soft acceptance to move forward.
          As we enter eclipse season, (the first eclipse is next week on the full moon) Astrologer Sarah Varcus reminds us:
  • "It’s about living free now and refusing to surrender our sovereignty ever again.
  • It’s about uncompromising courage, radical responsibility, timeless wisdom that reveals to us the next step – for each of us individually and humanity as a whole. 
This is the world waking up like never before..."

In these times we need to ask:
  • What is true for me?
  • Where can I not compromise?
  • What is my contribution? 
  • Who am I now?
"We can walk through the darkest night with the radiant conviction that all things work together for the good." Martin Luther King

11-11 Portal
Today is November 11th, the 11/11 portal of awakening. The veils between the worlds are thin meaning you can access Spirit and higher wisdom more easily.

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Much Love, my dearest friends,

 "The heart knows the way. Run in that direction."

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